Our Purpose
& Values


We exist to release unfulfilled potential and fuel the ambitions of investors, entrepreneurs, businesses and ourselves.

We bring this to life through our 4 core values: Results Driven, Integrity, Trust and being Human.


We exist to drive results and are totally committed to achieving the best possible outcomes that add purpose and value for our clients and stakeholders alike.

We are committed to responsible investing by actively working to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices across all aspects of our business.


Integrity lies at the heart of our investment process, our client relationships and in everything we do. At River we strive to always make honest and responsible decisions in order to instil a sense of pride and purpose in our company.


We believe building trust is the currency of business and the most important factor in any relationship. We build trust through responsible actions, keeping our promises and always acting in good faith.


We strive to find the human element in every business interaction or situation. By fostering meaningful human connections that speak to the hearts and minds of our stakeholders, we build strong powerful relationships that thrive and flourish.