Funding to Fuel Your Business Growth


As a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), accessing the right type of finance to support your business growth can be challenging. Traditional lenders like banks often have strict criteria that many younger, innovative companies struggle to meet. This leaves a gap in the market for alternative financing options. 

The Business Growth Loan Fund – An Opportunity for Businesses in the North West  

One such alternative is the Business Growth Loan Fund, delivered by River Capital. This debt fund aims to provide financing to SMEs across the North West and North Wales. 

Loans from £100k – £300k are available to support businesses at different stages, whether you need early-stage financing, growth capital, funding for capital expenditures or acquisitions, or succession planning. 

The application criteria is more flexible than high street banks, although you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to repay the loan, as well as your willingness to embrace ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) principles and add social value. 

Benefits for your business: 

For your business, the Business Growth Loan Fund offers some key benefits: 

  • Access to capital you may not be able to get from mainstream lenders 
  • Flexible loan amounts from £100k to £300k to suit your needs 
  • Financing available for different business stages and needs 
  • More accessible application process focused on ability to repay and social value 
  • Dedicated Investment Manager throughout the lending journey 

 The ability to access this alternative form of debt financing could prove invaluable as your business looks to scale operations, expand into new markets, and create job opportunities in the North West region. 

Having this loan fund available provides SME businesses with more options to access the growth capital needed to turn innovative ideas into reality and to truly fuel ambition. At River Capital we’re excited by the prospect of business applying and potentially benefiting from the Business Growth Loan Fund to take their strategies to the next level. 

Find out more about the Business Growth Loan Fund here.

Jim Moore – Business Growth Loan Investment Manager