Oliver Bigley Completes River Capital Work Experience

Recently we welcomed University of Warwick student, Oliver Bigley, to River Capital for a weeks work experience. At the end of his time with us, we sat down with Oliver and asked him a few questions!

Oliver, tell us a little bit about your university career to date, what are you studying and what made choose this?

Currently I am studying English Lit. at the University of Warwick and I am actively involved in multiple society such as the Law Society, Rowing, and theatre. I have an ongoing interest in English Language, History and the root of language through A Levels. Warwick gave you the opportunity to combine skills from all 3 A levels and combine them into one overarching course. I am really enjoying all aspects of study, history of literature, culture, impact of society, development, which gives me a wide breadth of understanding and broad career opportunities upon leaving university.

How did you hear about River Capital, and what made you want to undertake work experience with us?

I heard about River Capital as they have invested via the Mezzanine Fund into business part owned by Father. I wanted to understand more the dynamics of corporate lending, fundraising, transactions etc as part of my own personal and career development, helping to shape what I might wish to do post University.

What were some of the highlights from your time spent with River Capital?

Visiting businesses that RC has transacted with was incredibly beneficial and interesting. To get that insight into the detail was fantastic, especially when getting first-hand experience.

Understanding the inner workings of a fund was very interesting and has given me a better appreciation of what it means to work in the industry.

If anything, what was something that surprised you about spending time with a fund manager?

That it’s not necessarily long days sat at a desk. Each day in the office was different and including meetings, phone calls, research, as well as journeys outside of the office to meet potential clients and view their business – there’s always something to keep you on your toes.

Do you think this might be the kind of role you would look at in the future and why?

Yes, it was really interesting. The decision-making process relating to transactions, uses for funds to support businesses and the dynamics of the financial cycle are all incredibly important. Being part of that ‘cog’ is a real interest. If there are future opportunities for work experience, internship, summer work, I would be very interested.

How insightful and helpful were those you shadowed throughout your time with River Capital?

The whole team have been very supportive. Very open and giving me far more access to the business than I had anticipated. Paul and the rest of the team have been really helpful and made me feel comfortable in the working environment.

Thanks for chatting with us, Oliver and all the best for the future!